Speedy PC Pro is a registry cleaner which rids your computer of files and invalid entries that are clogging up your system and forcing your PC to run like a slug.  Speedy PC Pro works by scanning folders inside of the PC registry, finds problems, and fixes them.  This program works on Windows and can be set up in a matter of minutes

My Speedy PC Pro reviews found that this is a fine program, although it is a notch below my top-rated registry cleaner, PC OptiClean.  PC OptiClean not only makes it easier for you to carry out day-to-day tasks on your computer, it also allows you to make the startup of your machine quicker, and also allows you to easily defrag your computer for even better performance

How Speedy PC Pro Works:

Once you have downloaded and installed Speedy PC Pro (a process that takes very little time) you can start to scan to find all of the bad files and entries that are causing all of the problems on your computer.  Trying to locate these files without a registry cleaner would be very difficult and would take hours, plus it could pose a danger to your computer, since it is very easy to mistakenly destroy an important registry file on your own 

At this point, you now want to look at the results of the scan.  Products like Speedy PC Pro & PC OptiClean will show you all of the errors inside of your registry.  These software programs will give you reports on both your computer's performance, as well as its security.  The results are very easy to read and understand

Now it's time to get your computer up to speed again!  You'll do this by allowing the software to clean out the problems on your machine.  Just follow the prompts, sit back, and once it's done--- your computer should run the way it did when you first brought it home

Speedy PC Pro: The Good

I was really happy with the job Speedy PC Pro did on my computer.  My PC instantly started up faster, and every program ran much faster on it as well.   I also found Speedy PC Pro to be very easy to use, although it was not quite as easy to use as PC OptiClean.  The download and install were very fast, and all of the buttons were easy to follow

Speedy PC Pro: Any Downsides?

Speedy PC Pro works well, although I found the accuracy of the number of errors PC OptiClean found to be higher.  It also performed the system scan faster, and gave me a more accurate picture of the problems on my PC that needed to be fixed

The Bottom Line: Does Speedy PC Pro Work?

I give Speedy PC Pro 4 stars.  It's just a notch below PC OptiClean, which program instantly made my computer start up faster, and run better.  I no longer got weird messages, nor did it take seconds for words to appear on my screen after I typed them. 

Even if you think that your computer is running OK, I would still check out PC OptiClean.  This program can get rid of problems inside your registry before they even start

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