My Experience With RegCure Pro and REAL Customer Feedback


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           RegCure Pro is the latest version of the popular registry cleaner designed by Paretologic.  The first version of RegCure is the highest selling registry repair product of all time 

Some of the new features on RegCure Pro include:

*The ability to eject viruses, spyware and other malware

*The ability to stop processes and startup items you do not need

*The ability to delete files that could contain information that is confidential to you

*The ability to find software necessary to open files that might be difficult to locate

RegCure Pro will perform a scan of the registry on your computer very quickly, and of the products I tested, it found the most accurate number of errors.  There are other programs that will show you more "problems", but these are not really problems at all, and only there to scare you and force you to buy the program.  This is not the case with RegCure Pro.  You will not be forced to buy RegCure Pro

After the RegCure Pro scan is done, the software program then performs a backup of the registry on your computer, and repairs the problems fast.  My RegCure Pro review found that once this is all done, your computer will operate the way it did when you first bought the machine  

Ease of Use: 

RegCure Pro will guide you through the entire process, showing you what to do in each step.  There are no difficult instructions to follow.  You just follow the prompts.  I have talked to a number of people who are not computer experts, and they all say RegCure Pro was easy to use for them

Click here to check out RegCure Pro's homepage

Click here for a FREE SCAN of your computer

Customer Service:

RegCure Pro offers a help desk over the internet 24 hours a day.  I did have to contact them a couple of times to get in touch with them.  I would say that would be the only drawback to RegCure Pro 

THE FINAL VERDICT: RegCure Pro is an outstanding product that's a big upgrade from its predecessor.  I give this product five stars for not only its ability to find and repair registry errors, but also for its ease of use

                     (Below, I show you screenshots of the entire process of how RegCure Pro works)


Get Your Computer Running Like New Fast!!!

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An Exact Look at How RegCure Pro Operates & Repairs a Slow PC

After using the FREE REGCURE PRO SCAN, I installed the registry cleaner.  This took no time at all.  Here is the screen that came up:   



I didn't perform the scan right away.  Instead, I decided to take a closer look at the features that RegCure had.  In the settings menu, RegCure allows you to create a system restore point which is a good idea, just in case some problem comes up during the scan.  You can also schedule scans in advance, automatic repairs, and create a list of program files you want RegCure to ignore

The backup tab will restore programs that have been deleted from the registry.  

Manage startup shuts off programs that are not used, but take up valuable resources upon startup


The results section shows you which files were scanned, how many errors are on your system, and the items that were ignored.  RegCure also allows you to conduct scans for specific programs and files

My RegCure scan found 858 registry errors.   File/path references were the most common error


RegCure Pro: The Bottom Line

Once RegCure had done its scan and completed its repairs, the computer ran much better than before, and the way it did when I first started using it.  Startups and shutdowns were faster, as well as the processing speed.  And the error messages that were plaguing my system before are now gone

Click here to check out RegCure Pro's homepage

Click here for a FREE SCAN of your computer

Written by Jeff Farley

Here is what other REAL customers have to say about RegCure:

"I started considering buying a new PC but then I found RegCure and considered trying it instead of spending a lot of money on a new computer.  What a great decision!  My computer is now really fast and I don't get annoying messages anymore.  Thank you so much!  You have saved me lots of time and cash!"

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"RegCure works, at least for me.  I have had it for 6 months, and it has kept my computer running very well"

-Actual user comment from

"My computer is so much faster since I got RegCure.  It used to take forever for Outlook Express to come up.  Now, it takes no time at all."

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